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Investment & Economic Strategy Update — March 31, 2020

In this video, Brian Rezny discusses the current state of the US and Global markets, where we are in terms of a recession, what is happening with volatility in the market, what to expect as we enter the 2nd Q of 2020, and what you as the investor should be doing to set your investment portfolio up for 2021 and the next 3-5 years.

Investment & Economic Strategy Update — March 17, 2020

In this video, Brian Rezny discusses the U.S. and global economy in the wake of domestic and foreign response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). He also talks about what to expect with an impending recession and how investors should approach the situation with regard to their investment portfolios. Recessions and market corrections/pullbacks are a natural part of the investment process and market volatility is normal.

Investment & Economic Strategy Update — March 10, 2020

Market volatility is normal and new viruses happen on a regular basis… Don’t panic over media hype or let it scare you into bad, emotional investment decisions.

Market Volatility is Normal; Panicking is Never a Good Investment Strategy

Market volatility is normal.
Emotional investment decisions are never a good idea.
Don’t put your wealth and retirement in jeopardy by making choices based on emotional, knee-jerk reactions.

Don’t Let Market Volatility Scare You Into Bad, Emotional, Investment Decisions

Market volatility is normal Don’t make emotional decisions Emotional decisions will cost you $$$$ history has shown All assets experience volatility If you have questions or concerns, call Rezny Wealth Management at 1-800-618-8577 or schedule a...

Learn From Others Mistakes

In this video, Brian teaches you about the mistakes that other investors have made with a case study about a client that came in for a second opinion review. This client already had a so-called advisor that claimed to be working under a fiduciary standard, however,...

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