Investment & Economic Strategy Update Videos

Don’t Let Market Volatility Scare You Into Bad, Emotional, Investment Decisions

Market volatility is normal Don’t make emotional decisions Emotional decisions will cost you $$$$ history has shown All assets experience volatility If you have questions or concerns, call Rezny Wealth Management at 1-800-618-8577 or schedule a...

Learn From Others Mistakes

In this video, Brian teaches you about the mistakes that other investors have made with a case study about a client that came in for a second opinion review. This client already had a so-called advisor that claimed to be working under a fiduciary standard, however,...

Investment & Economic Strategy Update — February 11, 2020

In this update video, Brian talks about the current outlook on the U.S. Economy, the possibility of an 8-10 percent market correction, the normalcy of market volatility, as well as, what impacts the coronavirus might have on the economy (if any) and why policies...

Investment & Economic Strategy Update — January 29, 2020

In this update video, Brian discusses general investment market trends, impacts of the Coronavirus on the economy, phase one of the China trade deal, the USMCA trade deal between the US, Canada, and Mexico, and President Trump’s plans to tackle the national...

Investment & Economic Strategy Update – January 06, 2020

Brian Rezny discusses the general outlook for the U.S. economy as we begin 2020 and what to expect throughout the year. Topics include trade talks, portfolio management, and general market trends.

Investment & Economic Strategy Update – December 16, 2019

Brian Rezny discusses general market trends for the US as we approach the end of 2019, progression of trade talks, and our opinion on the outlook/outcome of the impeachment process and what it means for President Trump as we approach the 2020 election year.

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