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Question: What do you think about buying airline stocks and cruise line stocks?

Don’t buy stocks solely based on price, future potential plays a major role. If you do not have a disciplined and well-researched investment strategy, you will take on greater risk and you will get lower returns. Daily research is crucial! The airline industry...

Question: Are Cruise Lines and Airline Stocks a Good Bargain or a Death Trap?

In this question and answer video, Brian talks about what happens if you invest in stocks that have no real future growth potential. Investing in stocks without doing any real research and only based on gut-reactions to the market is going to hurt your portfolio. Take...

The Financial Blunders You Must Avoid

For this video, Brian Rezny discusses the financial blunders that investors should avoid based on questions that he has received on his TV and Radio show, The Rezny Wealth Report. The U.S. continues to be the best place for investors to be invested. Oil markets have...

Question: What is the best way to pick investments, Real Research or Gut Reaction?

In this question video, Brian answers questions regarding whether an investor should pick investments based on gut reactions to market downtrends or if they should be chosen based on real market research.

Question: Is Your Portfolio Suffering From Poor Investment Returns?

In this question and answer video, Brian Rezny talks about do-it-yourself investors and the shortcomings that their portfolio faces by not doing proper research or developing any type of investment or risk assessment strategies. No research, no investment strategy,...

Question: What do you think about this stock?

Brian answers a question for do-it-yourself investors. A lot of them think they are managing their money, but, with no real investment strategy or research, investors often do a horrendous job of managing their portfolios. Buying and selling stocks just because you have heard of the company is a very poor approach with no real research to back your decision. Don’t fall victim to the do-it-yourself investment game.

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