Don’t make your Investment Decisions off Internet Advertisements and Crazy Newsletters.

March 2, 2021


In Our Opinion:

Real investment research is a must when making investment decisions. Especially if it is based off of “articles” that you find on mainstream media outlets. News outlets pass these off as legitimate articles but they are nothing more than media-hyped advertisements.

That is NOT real investment research and NOT the types of investments you want in your portfolio.

You need to understand how the US & world economy works, the monetary policies, the investment principles, and you need a strategy without emotions.

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to investing, however, keeping your opinion out of your investment research, process, and strategy is crucial. A lot of people or firm has talked to over the years have hurt their own portfolios due to their own opinions and emotions.

Learn from other’s mistakes, it’s less costly to you!

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