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Rezny Wealth Management is dedicated to helping you build, preserve, and protect your wealth through comprehensive investment management and financial planning.

Fee-Only Financial Advisors: We Work for You

As a fee-only fiduciary wealth management firm, we derive our revenues from fees paid directly to us by our clients. It means that we work for you — not a brokerage firm, bank, or even Wall Street firm. We serve as your trusted advisors, not as middle-men or brokers.

Unlike commission-based financial managers, we do not have incentives to sell or recommend financial products to earn our compensation. Instead, we give advice and invest on your behalf without any conflicts of interest.

Finally, as a fiduciary, it’s not just our mission to prioritize your best interests; it is also our legal obligation.

Financial Services Worth Your While

Just as you invest your money in us, we invest our time building stronger relationships with clients. 

Wealth Management

Through internal analysis and research, we strategically invest portfolios in asset classes and market sectors for our clients’ investments.

We also practice tax-efficient portfolio construction. Our team aligns individual investments in the accounts that offer more favorable tax treatment, for tax-efficient wealth management.

Financial Planning

Customized financial planning for your unique situation. 

Retirement Planning

When it comes to planning for your retirement, our financial planners create an actionable roadmap that addresses social security planning, income distribution planning, healthcare planning, risk management, and more.

Investment Management

We take a holistic approach to investment management by taking into account your timeline, risk tolerance, and return objectives before creating a custom strategy. Our goal is to structure a diversified portfolio that is on par with your goals.

Common FAQs

Where do I start with investments?

Start by hiring a professional, fee-only fiduciary that has the time, discipline, education, and skills to help get your portfolio on track.

What is your approach to investment?

Our team uses a global approach in selecting potential investment opportunities, as well as employ both active and passive investments.

How much risk should I take?

The shorter your timescale, the fewer risks you’ll have to deal with.

How can I get help when I need it?

We offer plenty of insightful resources to give you access to vital investment information. Our customer support team is also available to answer your questions about investments.

Make the most out of your finances by entrusting it to Rezny Wealth Management. Schedule a consultation with us today.

Real Financial Advice. Real Money Management. 100% of the Time.

We work with investors who have $1,000,000 of investment assets and greater. 
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