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Let us help secure your financial future with one of Southwest Florida’s trusted wealth management companies . Help secure it with Rezny Wealth Management.

Specializing in investment management and retirement planning, Rezny Wealth Management provides the financial advice you deserve with a fiduciary standard of care. Our goal is to help you achieve financial security for the long term.

We believe in the fiduciary fee-only approach to wealth management. This means we are legally obligated to work only in our clients’ best interests, thereby avoiding the conflicts of interest that are so common with commission and fee-based advisors. In short, we work for you—not a bank, Wall Street firm or insurance company.

Clear financial planning is the key to financial success. From targeted areas of financial concern to total-care plans for your future, our Southwest Florida financial and asset managers help you identify key goals, replacing guesswork with informed clarity.
Financial management need not be too complex. We’ll break down asset management jargon and help you understand your choices. If you have more questions, our friendly financial planners will walk you through the process.
Whether you seek independent investment, unbiased financial planning, retirement planning, or integrated wealth management solutions, meeting your unique needs is always our priority.
Retirement planning, income maximization, tax reduction strategies
Customized money management for your specific situation
Investment management designed to grow your wealth, provide increasing retirement income,
and manage the risk in your portfolio
Active, timely, proactive management of your wealth—no “set it and forget it” sales relationships
Exceptional service and client communication

Wealth Management

Our wealth and asset management company leverages our broad range of financial capabilities across our business to deliver end-to-end solutions. Entrust your hard-earned wealth to the Rezny Wealth Management’s financial advisors and let us help grow your money through investments.

Our wealth management services in Southwest Florida include personal management trust in which you allow us to establish and manage a trust fund for you or your loved ones. You are free to set instructions on how to distribute the earnings from the trust fund.

With us, you also gain access to different kinds of investments. We can set up and manage a tailored wealth management investment portfolio for you.

Investment Management

Our investment management offers a comprehensive set of investment options that help clients develop a custom portfolio that is 1) simple and 2) maximizes your future financial potential. When you work with our Southwest Florida firm, our asset managers will discuss different ways available to you to preserve and grow the purchasing power of your assets.

We use the proven benefits of asset allocation and diversification to enhance your long-term financial growth without exposing your money to unnecessary risks. We also practice transparent compensation, which we tie directly to your success (since it is based on the market value instead of transaction costs). Our unbiased approach to investing means that your best interests are always our priority.

Financial Planning

You worked hard for your money, so it should work hard for you, too. Our asset management firm’s financial planning services ensure that your arrangements suit your long-term plans, lifestyle, and attitude to risk. Working alongside tax specialists, our wealth management financial planners offer tax-efficient advice that incorporates both international and offshore opportunities.

Our advisors carry out a comprehensive review of your circumstances and use the data to develop a custom wealth development strategy. From short-term, high-yield investments to long-term security pensions, our advisors can assist you towards the right decision.

Since we are not affiliated with any supplier of financial planning products, our advice is always objective and impartial.

Retirement Planning

Our Southwest Florida asset and wealth management company wants you to have a fulfilling retirement. To help you reach this goal, we start by assessing your entire estate to determine financial risks and provide security against them.

We develop retirement plans that address your estate planning, financial portfolio, and investments, as well as protect inheritances to help secure a seamless future.

Receive complete retirement planning services when you work with Rezny Wealth Management. Our planning advisors provide everything you need — from portfolio management to understanding trusts and wills. If you have concerns about your retirement plan, talk to us, and we’ll walk you through the process.

Creating Financial Security for Over 30 Years…

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“Hello, I’m Brian Rezny, CFP®, President and Chief Investment Officer at Rezny Wealth Management. My investment career started over 30 years ago. I’ve always enjoyed educating and helping investors become more successful and avoid bad advice from so-called “advisors” (who are really salespeople). I started Rezny Wealth Management with one mission in mind—to deliver the investment management and advice that will allow clients to live a secure worry-free retirement, while always acting in the client’s best interest.”


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Wealth Management Workshops:
Grow and Protect Your Wealth

Is your portfolio prepared for the next recession? How can you protect your retirement and investments from conflicts and bad financial advice? Get these answers and more at our wealth management workshops, designed for retirees and those planning for retirement.

Complimentary Money Management for Military

We offer a complimentary money management program for full-time active duty military personnel.

Contact us to find out more.

Special Report:
3 Investment Risks Investors Must Avoid Now

Written by Brian Rezny, CFP® Money Manager and host of The Rezny Wealth Report, this special report will open your eyes and change the way you invest and protect your wealth.

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Why Annuities are Dangerous to your Wealth & Retirement
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